Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vacation Adventures

We made a list at dinner of some of the things we want to do this summer. Add some suggestions if you have any that you enjoyed!

Camping out in the backyard and also camping somewhere else
Swimming (at a pool or at the beach)
Seneca Park Zoo
Ganondagon (a series of historical Native American hiking trails near our house)
Sonnenburg Gardens
Farmer's Market
Strawberry/Raspberry picking (know of any places?)
Genesee Country Museum (kids might be too young yet, but still an idea)
Red Wings game
Bike ride along the canal
Boat ride

That's our list so far. Any of those places will be fun but could be more fun with friends. Let us know if you want to come along!


bethanybeams said...

playing with Ryan & Bethany's new puppy

Greg said...

Hey Muscarellas! I'm glad I decided to browse Chris Logan's links. :-) Haven't visited melfrey.blogspot.com in a while... nice to see there's a new virtual home for the new muscarella fam! :-)

So we went to a Redwings game last week... it was AWESOME! Went last Wednesday. The weather was perfect, there was plenty even to keep Julia distracted, and... our team won! That's a great one! :-)

We're hoping to get to the Zoo, too. Actually never been there... going to try to do that this summer.

There's also a cool waterfall park down in Naples we're hoping to see this summer. That should be fun.

And then of course... there's always...

CHILL & GRILL!!!! :-)

Come up and join us for some ice cream of gargantuan portions again sometime this summer! :-)

Mel said...

We are thinking of hitting the zoo sometime next week (maybe Wednesday the 11th). If you want to join forces that might be fun! Oh, thanks again for stopping in to say Happy Birthday on Saturday! All of a sudden there was a large bunch of Campbells on out doorstep! It was awesome:) Let us know if you want to come to the zoo that day!

SJ Austin said...

Stony Brook State Park is about the same distance from the city as Letchworth, and it's got more stuff for kids to do (in my opinion). They have an awesome playground in addition to all the cool water stuff you can do in the brook.

margieh said...

Hi Muscarellas! You can come visit Ellie and Nyah, too! We need more kid socializing - so does Mom.

Strawberry Picking: Stokoe Farms in Scottsville. You can also read something about it in kidsoutandabout.com a fun Rochester website.

Hope all's well with you!